2018 Standout Coast Guard Spouse: Sarah Warren

2018 Standout Coast Guard Spouse: Sarah Warren
About the Author

Janet Farley is a proud USMC military brat, an Army spouse and the author of several military career transition guides, most recently “Mission Transition: Managing Your Career and Your Retirement,”(Rowman & Littlefield, 2018). She currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colo., where she continues to serve veterans and their families as a job coach at Mount Carmel Veteran Service Center.

You want someone like Sarah Warren in your military community, especially when there is a big job to do. 

“I love to stay involved, active, and figure out a solution when there is a need,” says Warren, a 2018 nominee for Military Spouse  magazine's Military Spouse of the Year.  

Warren has been a military spouse for 14 years and has experienced soon-to-be five permanent change of station (PCS) moves. 

Her spouse, Dan, is an active duty Coast Guard officer, pilot, and aviation engineer, and they have two daughters. 

During Hurricane Harvey relief efforts last year, Warren led the logistical charge to ensure relief workers were well-fed at USCG Aviation Training Center, Mobile, Ala. 

“The base was full of Coast Guard members from all over the country,” says Warren, who coordinated with local businesses and restaurants to provide more than a week's worth of meals for the Coasties before they departed to Houston.  

Warren also set up a donation center at her daughters' school to send snacks and hygiene supplies daily on flights to Houston.

Warren is actively involved in other areas, too.

“I have started base playgroups, cooking clubs, Bunco clubs, and book clubs,” Warren says. She also is a founding member of the Coast Guard Spouses Club in Mobile.

“I love to be involved at our daughters' school and after-school activities,” says Warren. Her volunteer positions have included being a Girl Scout troop leader, homeroom mom, team mom, and head softball coach. 

“Being involved and creating a sense of community for both our family and the base we are stationed at has always been my goal and priority,” Warren says. “Creating a sense of belonging and finding a circle of friends for your family can be tough at the beginning of a PCS. My biggest advice to make the military lifestyle work and be enjoyable is to get involved as soon as you can.”

Warren's story first appeared in the May 2018 issue of Military Officer magazine.