Congress Can’t Meet Deadline

December 11, 2015

As negotiations over a $1.1 trillion dollar funding bill fell apart, Congress quickly scrambled to put together a short-term deal to keep the government funded until Dec. 16. Without the measure, the government faced a shutdown at midnight on Dec. 11.

Five additional days gives Congress scant time to resolve their differences on how to fund the government. The White House has said that it will sign the five-day continuing resolution (CR), but won't support a long-term one.

Progress on a yearlong deal crumbled as lawmakers failed to resolve several divisive policy disputes. 

The government has operated under a CR since Oct. 1 as part of a wider deal to increase the debt ceiling and lift defense spending caps.

Unfortunately, CRs aren't an uncommon phenomenon



MOAA hopes this short extension will finally provide Congress enough time to pass a long-term funding bill. 

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