New Preventative Services Now Covered by TRICARE

October 21, 2016

MOAA has been pushing for better preventative care within TRICARE for quite some time, and thankfully this week some progress was made. TRICARE announced they are now covering several preventative services that previously were uncovered or required cost-share payments from beneficiaries.  

For children and families, TRICARE's benefit coverage will now be in alignment with the American Academy of Pediatrics' standards for care of well children over age 6. Beneficiaries using TRICARE Standard will no longer pay cost shares for well-child screening and preventative visits.   

TRICARE also will cover Cologuard, a new effective and non-invasive colorectal cancer screening exam. Given the devastating mortality rate of late-stage colorectal cancer, providing this U.S. Preventative Task Force-approved test as an option is a crucial milestone in addressing the second-leading cause of cancer deaths.   

“Cologuard coverage should encourage more people to get screened for colorectal cancer,” said MOAA Director of Government Relations Capt. Kathy Beasley, USN (Ret). “MOAA is thankful this cost-effective and safe test will be available to beneficiaries.”  

In the realm of women's health, new genetic counseling and genetic testing will be covered for women identified by their primary care provider as being at high risk for breast cancer. BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene testing will be covered for women who meet these clinical guidelines.   

These revisions bring TRICARE into compliance with the most recent national task force and quality committee recommendations for preventative care.



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