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    MOAA's greatest mission is to improve the lives of those who serve and their families, which is achieved largely through the tireless advocacy efforts taking place in our nation's capital. MOAA's experts in Washington are there to support legislation that benefits the military community and are equally vigilant when fighting to stop legislation that threatens our livelihood. The larger our numbers, the greater our voice.

    Membership is open to active duty, former, retired, and National Guard and Reserve commissioned and warrant officers of the uniformed services and their surviving spouses.

  • BASIC Membership

    As a MOAA BASIC Member, you'll have free electronic access to MOAA e-communications about news and support of critical advocacy efforts to protect your military benefits.

    Membership Cost:

    • Free

    PREMIUM Membership

    MOAA PREMIUM Membership gives you total access to everything MOAA has to offer, including our full spectrum of career and financial resources, MOAA-exclusive publications, college scholarships for dependents, and countless discounts on products and travel.

    Membership Cost:

    • $43 (1 Year)
    • $79 (2 Years)
    • $105 (3 Years)

    Surviving Spouse Membership Cost:

    • $40 (1 Year)
    • $72 (2 Years)
    • $95 (3 Years)

    LIFE Membership

    MOAA LIFE Membership is the most elite membership category. As a MOAA LIFE Member, you'll receive all of MOAA's PREMIUM benefits - plus more - for life. Additional benefits include waived initiation fees at the Army Navy Club of Washington, D.C., bonus discounts, and direct access to MOAA staff experts on the dedicated MOAA LIFE Member Hotline.

    Membership Cost:
    (Varies by age) 

    • $762 (50 and under)
    • $718 (51-55)
    • $678 (56-60)
    • $620 (61-65)
    • $551 (66-70)
    • $474 (71-75)
    • $389 (76-80)
    • $297 (81-85)
    • $210 (86-90)
    • $130 (91-95)
    • $79 (96-100)
    • Free (101 and over)

    Member Benefit Breakdown

    Basic Premium Life
    Benefits Compare Membership Benefits Basic Premium Life
    Legislative News Updates & Advocacy Efforts Basic Benefit Premium Benefit Life Benefit
    MOAA Newsletters Basic Benefit Premium Benefit Life Benefit
    Chapter & Council Membership & Involvement Basic Benefit Premium Benefit Life Benefit
    Exclusive Discounts on Products & Travel Basic Benefit Premium Benefit Life Benefit
    Join Basic
    Access to Member Books & Guides Premium Benefit Life Benefit
    Financial Planning & Investment Advice Premium Benefit Life Benefit
    Scholarships, Interest-free Loans & Grants Premium Benefit Life Benefit
    Expert Advice on Military Pay & Benefits Premium Benefit Life Benefit
    Career Transition Resources Premium Benefit Life Benefit
    Subscription to Military Officer Magazine & Exclusive Publications Premium Benefit Life Benefit
    Join Premium
    Fee Waived Army & Navy Club of Washington DC Life Benefit
    Spouse Protection Life Benefit
    Join Life